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Sound Quality

Impressive sound, well balanced and... this guitar is LOUD, as a "Django" style (Maccaferri, Selmer, Busato...) guitar should be. Brilliant but never harsh, mellow without any muddiness. I still haven't replaced the original strings with the Savarez (which seem to be the best choice), I expect the result will be even better.


I have only had this beautiful instrument since Christmas, so I can't judge long term. But it is a very well built guitar (China, but that's not synonymous with poor quality anymore), and my very first guitar was an Eko (Ranger 6), which lasted from 1976 (including about 15 years of "I go where you go, or I'm not going")until my brother accidentally ruined it a few years ago.


I paid 330 Euro new (ThomaOkaze in Asse near Brussels frequently buys large lots of instruments and sells them at very good prices), best street price was 460 euro. Considering the quality of this guitar, even at the normal street price, it's a steal.

General Comments

I will have the frets filed down, but that's a matter of taste. I'm thinking of installing a PU system, although I don't want to drill a hole for a jack in this genuine acoustic guitar. Maybe a wireless solution will come up? I don't know yet. Currently, I record with a few condenser mics.

Reviewer's Background

I have been playing music for 45 years, guitar (electric and acoustic) since 43. I also play bass, double bass, mandolin, ukulele and other strings, keys, drums and percussion, and I sing as well. Recording includes a digital mixer/interface/controller, a MacBook, a number of microphones, some rack gear (I hardly use it anymore, the console and the Mac offer the same and more)

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