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Sound Quality

Excellent. Not perfect. My only issue is that I prefer a timbre with a slight bias to the bassy, or dark side. You may not. Intonation is the best I've ever seen in any saxophone and is that way consistently across five different mouthpieces I used including, Otto Link Tone Edge 6*, Yanagisawa 5, Otto Link Super Tone Master 6*, and Selmer S-80 C* and F.  A work of art and the standard to match.


So far so good. I've had this sax for about 8 years and not issues. Mechanically - no issues. Finish and aesthetics - no issues. The lacquer is holding up with no signs of deterioration at all. The original pads all seal perfectly. I see no real need for a backup unless I was worried about damage due to negligence or recklessness, or theft. I'm not.


I purchased this instrument used from $1800. I think it was well spent, and I expect to be playing this sax for years to come.

General Comments

The sax has me in the market for acquiring an alto and tenor. Since I prefer to lie in wait for a good deal to present in the used instrument market, rather then buy new, I've been waiting for a while. These saxes don't seem to appear for resale as often as other makes. Hmmm. I wonder why .....

Reviewer's Background

Player since 1972, owns multiple saxes baritone thru soprano, plays a variety of music from classical, marches, pops, show tunes, big band jazz, and small combo jazz.

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