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Sound Quality

Rings like a big old bell.  Wow!  Best sounding guitar I've got and it's brand new.


So Far So Good.  It appears to be very well made!  


I paid 3 times what I paid for my Taylor 110 back in the mid 00"s.   It's worth it!

General Comments

I won't bore you with repeating everyone else's comments.   This is the best sounding acoustic guitar I have ever played, and when it's hooked up, the electronics  give you everything you could want.  Not sure how to even down load more guitar sounds from somewhere on line per the literature and not sure I would want to.  I let a young friend play it yesterday, and this guy is a monster on a six string  and he told me that it was the best acoustic guitar he had ever played or heard.  And he has tried all the big fish lately through  his circle of friends.  We both agreed that the action is smoking, the sound is incredible and the beauty of the instrument is unmatched, by any other I've seen.   Now, the Zager guitar picks could use some refinement as I've already broken 3.  But who cares, when their' guitars sounds this good.  I have plenty of picks already.....

Reviewer's Background

I am a singer/songwriter/entertainer, and I've been playing guitar since college, which I attended in the last century.  I have Parkinson's and Arthritis.  This guitar makes things easier for me, and it has lit a fire under my butt.  Hands down, you will not regret getting one of these.   I wish I had used this on my last album.  You can bet I'll be using it the next time I go in  the studio....

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