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Sound Quality

Great sound. Coil-tapped DiMarzios give a choice to play humbuckers or split into single coils, with a Gibson-style switch that is easier to move quickly than a blade switch.


From Korea to eBay to me, this thing still is perfect. I played it a lot for about five years, and never a problem.


For $300 on eBay I got what a Telecaster might be if Gibson made it.

General Comments

If Gibson made an import Telecaster, this might be it. Korean FMT Telecaster, DiMarzio coil tapped pickups, Gibson style switch. Skinny rosewood set neck, jumbo frets, contoured body with top binding, no pickguard. (Most of these have S-D pickups.) I bought this online thinking I'd rip the innards out and put them into a better guitar. When I got it and tuned it up, I decided this WAS the better guitar. This actually replaced a PRS with a rotary switch that I never liked, and sold. I'll take this deal anyday!

Reviewer's Background

Playing about 39 years, electric for the past 24 years. Own four Telecasters, each with different pickup/electronics, plus three Takamine lawsuit acoustics.

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