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Sound Quality

Good sound, a little more top end than some guitars. But I've tried out some high-dollar Taylors and Martins that weren't as good as this thing.


In the 36 years I've had this guitar it has been hauled to campfires, barrooms and taken considerable jostling here and there. It even flew US Air once, boxed in its case, and came out fine. It has a couple of dings but has really held up well.


Bought it in college for $200, with a hardshell case. Without the "S" it's probably not worth $400, even now. But I'm not selling. Its real value to me is more than I could get for it.

General Comments

1977 F340, laminate guitar from Takamine. This thing has been a great traveler and player over the years since I got it in 1982.  My only acoustic six-string for quite a while, until I added an F360S recently. About 15 years ago I had the neck refurbished -- grooved frets, mostly. It's just about perfect now. When I'm playing with somebody and we get our guitars switched, I always want mine back. For the money, I haven't played anything comparable. My friend's Alvarez Yairi used to be pretty good on a budget, but he lost that in a fire...

Reviewer's Background

Played since college, about 39 years. Casual at first, got more serious as I went along. I still play more to support vocals than anything. Acoustic six-string for the first 13 years. Started with a cheap-ass Kay acoustic, with hideously ugly pickguards on both sides of the sound hole. Played more electric after '95, but stayed interested in acoustic too. Did a variety of gigging. Acoustic with a mountain dulcimer player, acoustic with another acoustic guy. More often, electric with a band. In the immortal words of Commander Cody, it's all "too much fun!"

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