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Sound Quality

It has the same tones as a Strat. The pickups are supposed to have low output in volts and lack of shielding so they can be buzzy and pickup lights etc. However these things can be fixed easily. Amps can boost signal. Tone and feel expression and grit are all fine! This guitar will become your friend. I gave mine a name based on its color.


This is an honest basic guitar. The body is basswood. The finish is good. The neck is straight with beefy frets. It seemed as good as a Strat to me. A Strat at might have better quality wood in the body. The guitar has a good vibe. I would say you could gig with this guitar as well as you could with a Strat.


The price was unbelievably good. Value is tops.

General Comments

Great quality from an Asian guitar. A quality version of a Strat copy. Add shielding. Use amp to compensate for pickup voltage. Clean sounds are sweet with 5 distinctive tones just like Billy Gibbons gets.

Reviewer's Background

Played Les Pauls, Strats, Teles and Charvel CX291 is a keeper.

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