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Schecter Guitar Research CV-5 bass

Sound Quality

This bass can do a wide variety of tones, including some nice P and J ones (and some more of its own), with some extra punch, low-mid burp, lowend authority, overall aggressiveness and a great low B. You're able to switch each humbucker into series, parallel or single coil (neckside coil of each pickup) so the combinations are a lot, 15 in fact, with the stock pickup selector switch , but infinite if you  swap that for a balance pot (which I'll eventually end up doing on mine). Has a Wal'esque lo-mid burp that both makes it chest thumping and omnipresent. I'm a (ceramic) Stingray5 guy, so I guess that character (bite + mix owning growly lo-mid) is what I'm used to. The CV-5 has all the extra things I like, including also a shredding fast neck (THIN!) and narrow spacing (17mm, for some a disadvantage, I know, I'm used to the Stingray5's 17.5mm so it's no big deal for me). The responsiveness in this bass is amazing, it gets wild easier. I mean, supose you want to get Geddy wild, on any Fender you'd have to pluck hard like Geddy does (maybe not that hard with a CIJ Geddy sig, but for sure on your bread and butter Jazz). On the CV-5 you don't have to dig in that far for it to roar and clank, Even tho' the bass looks sort of "classic" it's the Schecter concept of aggressive shredding bass (not that I'm a shredder at all).


The bass looks and feels dependable and robust. Heavier than I'd want if you ask. My total max is Stignray 5ers (10lb top these days) and this bass feels no lighter but not heavier either. Doesn't neckdive at all (lite tuners help with that) even tho' the upper horn of the body barely reaches fret 13 (the strap pin by the bridge is displaced up some 2" off center to further help the purpose). The neck has carbon reinforcement rods, more points for dependability/durability there. "Potential" I'd add (thus can't top rate it), I will only know for sure after some years with it, of course, but as per features, it's definitely built to last.


Some really nice features you don't expect for this price range: lite tuners, carbon reinforced neck, and those J-buckers, yep, as ugly and guitar looking as they are, some of the best bass pickups I've experienced in my life (in a fully flexible configuration). Best made in Indonesia bass I've had so far (Sterling by Musicman Ray35 included). I've read some people in TalkBass claiming their Schecter CVs came badly setup (having to have the bass ran thru' by a tech obviously reduces value vs. price). Luckily mine did come "setup to play", as a sticker in the back of the body claimed. Low action and perfect relief and intonation, and strung with some extra long slinkys I happen to like (been with me for little over a month). Good thing is my usual strings (Warwick Red NICKEL -not to be confused with the rough steels, these are seldom seen and can only be had from thomann AFAIK-) fit this 35" scale bass just OK (less than 1cm from nut to taper) so this bass won't mean an extra expense on strings to me (bad for value), but results may vary depending on your regular length string set of choice, some might fall short.

General Comments

Can't yet decide if this bass looks are weird or plain ugly. I'm already biased by the experience of how great it plays and sounds so any eventual visual rejection means less to me with each minute I spend playing my CV-5. Still it looks "ortodox", not too modern/extravagant while also not too ripped off from other classic basses. I know the overall "theme" is Telecaster-like, but it's sort of dampened by the body shape (which BTW is very ergonomical, very comfortable to play both standing or sitting).

Reviewer's Background

I've been playing bass for over 30 years (mostly rock, HC, metal) and have been a Stingray5 guy for almost the last 20 of them. It's been MY bass for 90% of my game. Still, I love me some P and J tones and have been forever wanting a 5-string that produces such timbres but plays/feels like my Ray 5ers (best 5er neck ever) and has the extra edge I earlier described about the tone and low B. In that quest I've owned Fernandes (a couple Gravitys), Maruszczyk (Jake 5a+), Yamahas (3 different BBs), a Sterling5 HS a 2 pickup Ibby ATK and even an American Deluxe P 5 I borrowed from a friend for months. This CV-5 blows them all out of the water (even the Maruszczyk, Fender and Sterling5, probably costing some 3x/4x used). Top bang for the buck amongst any "Fender killer" 5ers I've played or owned.

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