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Sound Quality

can be professional, the sound is very good, I like to say 'Terrific. Especially and only if you find the right settings in the digital synthesizer ,voice creation banks.


Drops from my computer table flat hard on the floor. Still works. Built stronger than the new keyboard materials it seems.


Back in 1988 ,according to Sears Wish Book on WishbookWeb, this Keyboard was $262.00 about. Now it is even smaller priced at Ebay,about $150.00 dollars plus shipping included. A good deal I think.  

General Comments

A good quality Keyboard that wont cost a lot and sound super with the rightsettings.

Reviewer's Background

I have been playing electronic Keyboard since 1996 and I have Jamed with myBrother Duke Litchmore with this keyboard many times. I don't purchase Keyboards over $150.00 dollars and I have been effectively playing with my brother and making recordings. It's a lot of fun.

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