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Sound Quality

Powerful, amp,  great tone, sustain is awsome. The reason people think they sound different and distant is the speakers. With that much power the standard 1230 speakers lacked handle ability.  I sent mine to peavey,  and a gentleman by the name Ford,  hooked me up with turbo speakers and now it rocks the coliseum.


Great app! 


My amp is an early model. Only the 212 made oddly enough.  It was very pricey back then. 

General Comments

For those of you not having the opportunity to hear one and experiment with it, I am sorry.  Few amps can match the sound variety,  Or the power for that matter.  I have even had the opportunity to try different cabinets, from different manafactuers, and the peavey cabinet that is paired with it out performs all the cabinets I have tried.  And that covers a lot of cabinets. 

Reviewer's Background

Not for the beginner,  but more for the musician.  The first page of the manual states prolonged playing at full volume,  permanent hearing loss and damage may occur after just 15 minutes of playing. But you know musicians, I tested the theory, and it hurt after a few seconds! 

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