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Di-Giorgio 1974 Tarrega Classical Brazilian guitar

Sound Quality

I've had this guitar since new in 1974. I bought it froma store in Adelaide, South-Australia because I loved its sound. It's soft and round, with powerful bass and strong high notes. 


It's been with me for all thses years and I did travel a lot, from Australia to France, then back to Australia and again to France, and more recently to Japan. Also the varnish has cracked and that it now looks like an older lady, I love it and will never part with it. I've owned many other high brand guitars, such as Gretsch, Gibson, Fender and even a Parker Fly Mojo. I sold most of them amongst the 85 I had at one time. But not my Di-Giorgio. It's a faithful friend. One that you feel almost blessed to have...


I don't rememcer how much I paid for it at the time, but I know I still have the invoice somewhere. I used lay-buy and after a few months, it was mine. Didn't care much about its price, whatever it was.

General Comments

A great instrument, more than a guitar, somehow something else. But what exactly, I don't know.

Reviewer's Background

Born in June 1950, have always played an isntrument since I was 13, when my elder brother offered me my first guitar on my birthday. 

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