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Sound Quality

One of a kind, unique to the Brand. Clean to the Bean.


Other than Tubes, One overhaul in let's see 2019 - 1981 = 38 Years Not too Shabby. 


Good Luck finding one, no, you can't have mine.

General Comments

I purchased this amp while managing a music store late 70's early 80's as it was the best match for my orange label ES 335-12.  Still true to this day, my arsenal has expanded (Happily divorced, no Mommy to say no) while the 4140 rules the clean side of my stereo rig a JCM 2000 TSL 122 muscles the crunch. Mixed properly this is a pretty old trick to crescendo from clean to crunch but hey now! Still rocks the live set.

Reviewer's Background

Singer/SongwriterKeyboards and only 12 String Guitars, Electric and AcousticLifelong Student, Respect for the Craft in its many dynamic forms.

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