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Sound Quality

This mixer replaces a Behringer mixer I’ve had for years. Mic preamps sound fantastic and it’s one knob compressors are simple yet effective. Powerful EQ and high bypass filters rid you of any low frequency noise. Digital effects are effective although you can only use one at a time. This is a Yamaha and it performs well. It’s USB capability makes it even more appealing. 


Fingers crossed I have purchased many Yamaha products over the years and not once have I been disappointed. I currently have it hooked up to 2) HS 8” powered monitors and 2) Mackie 6.5” monitors. The sound is nothing short of awesome. Using an SM58 for Vocals and a Taylor guitar with the ES2 provides excellent results. I’ve been playing with the MG Record & Play with good results. 


I purchased this as a “demo” from Sweetwater at a ridiculously great price. I will never get rid of it and would replace it immediately if it disappeared. 

General Comments

You won’t be disappointed with this mixer. I especially like that it uses only rotary controls rather than slides. It’s chassis is tough enough to be used outside during traveling without any special treatment. 

Reviewer's Background

I’ve been playing music for over 40 years and consider myself to being a music addict. Playing or listening is my life. 

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