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Sound Quality

I can't tell the difference in this one and the USA version.  Play through a couple of different Ampeg amps and even through DI at times straight into the system.  The tone is always great.


I wish it had a on/off for the active pre-amp.  That's really the only downside.  Sucks when you lose a battery in the middle of a set.


I picked it up used at GC, couldn't believe the price.  The finish and feel of this bass is as good as my USA basses.  If you can find the SB14 grab it you won't be disappointed. 

General Comments

I am not 100% sure on the neck radius of this base but I love it.  I wish every bass I had could feel this good.

Reviewer's Background

Been playing music for 30 years now.  Starting playing bass about 10 years ago.  Play weekly in a praise/worship band now, and almost always play bass now.  

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