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Sound Quality

A time tested classic, that often gets overlooked as being too average. From light overdrive to modded Marshall tones are easy to find for under $50!Keep the Tone before noon, and the gain to taste, that's the key! Also putting the DS-1 before an edge of break up tone will yield better results than a super clean platform.  This pedal also prefer medium output pickups. High gain pickups sound brittle and too trebly, but medium or vintage voice pickups work like a charm. Boosted with an SD-1 or TS-9, the DS-1 can cop great Slayer tones with ease! Definitely recommended to play a mahogany guitar, like a Les Paul or SG. The heavy, darker wood works really well with the DS-1.


It's Boss, so built like a tank!


Probably the cheapest distortion pedal on the market, and the value is often so misunderstood.

General Comments

I have owned roughly 4 of these over the years. Used them countless times in practice and live. They have never left me down. I have owned over 100 pedals easy, including dozens of "boutique" MIAB models that cost $200-300. The DS-1 holds it's own at under $50.  I like this pedal so much, I have the 40th Anniversary edition.

Reviewer's Background

Musician for over 25 years, having owned over 50 amps, 100 pedals, and 70 guitars. I mainly play heavy metal.

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