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Sound Quality

Much like it's predecessor the HM-2 Heavy Metal, if you dime all the  knobs on this pedal, you've in for a noisy, fuzzy good time! I actually think the HM-3 has more clarity and cut than the HM-2. They're not too alike, but definitely similar. The HM-3 is more in the realm of a heavy distortion with insane fuzz overtones when dimed. Grab you're favorite mahogany bodied guitar, drop tune to C or B, and the low end will blow you away! I run this pedal un-boosted into a clean platform, like a Fender HRD or Vox AC30.  It rips heads off! Adding an OD boost out front just removes the fuzzy overtones, so it's best un-boosted, and definitely needs no help! If you play fast (or slow) hardcore / grindcore in the style of Trap Them, Nails, Black Breath, Converge or Pig Destroyer, this pedal is a must!


I picked this up probably 5th hand, in great condition, and it's never left me down. Great for a 25 year old pedal!


This cost me a whooping $60 delivered to my door.

General Comments

This is one of those hidden gems. Always overlooked because of the cult-ish love of the HM-2 and the widespread hatred of the MT-2. It's unique and will always have a spot on my pedal board.

Reviewer's Background

Musician for over 25 years, both recording and touring. Have owned over 50 amps, 100 effects pedals, and 70 guitars. I mainly play heavy metal.

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