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Sound Quality

I've only used the mixer out once, but that was FOH to EV ZXA1s, which are pretty flat frequency response.  quite happy with the sound.


Haven't had the mixer a month yet, so it shouldn't be giving any reliability problems.  I will comment on the internal WiFi.  That is the weak point.  It's not good enough and only running on 2.4 GigaHertz where everything else is living.  I plan to use an external WiFi router from now on.  Remember this mixer only works with WiFi and a tablet.  In a planned future version, you will be able to use either a MacBook or Windows computer for direct control.  (Least that's how I see it.) 


It's a little more than similar low end digital mixers but cheaper than the high end ones.  That seems about right to me.

General Comments

I really like the new software, the format of the mixer works well for my needs.   It also replaces my recording mixer that is no longer supported for my version of OS-X.  

Reviewer's Background

Some backup information you should have about me.  I've owned a Mackie DL1608 since September 2013.  I've gone through most of 4 versions of Master Fader.  Every one has been better than the previous one.  

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