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Sound Quality

Very well balanced sound in all positions for finger style.Direct recording sound is good, mic modeling is excellent.Small bodied guitar that is very articulate when using fingers and plenty loud when using a pick.


New should last a long time, hey this thing should out live me.


The best value for a guitar with a solid rosewood back, ebony fretboard, terrified spruce top. At $1399,00 it comes in at much less expensive than a Taylor or Martin and stands head to head.Nice mahagony binding, satin finish on the back of neck, scalloped bracing.Made in Hamamatsu Japan in the Yamaha custom shop right alongside the high end classical instruments.Normally. I like to buy American made instruments but I would put this guitar up against any with similar features.

General Comments

I bonded with this instrument in a very short time.I played it for several weeks with several different brands of strings.I shaved a slight bit from the bridge 1/64†and I am really liking how it sounds with Martin Retro strings.It is  a very stable instrument as I use several different alternate tuning as well as standard tuning (Stays in tune very well).

Reviewer's Background

I am in my fifties and have been a guitar nut for forty years, and  some of the  guitars I have owned are...1962 Gibson SG Junior, 1983 Gibson Les Paul(Killer)Standard,196? Fender Stratocaster, 197? Strat, 1996 Strat Plus(Great Guitar), Carvin DC 400 (Great guitar lousy electonics) Late 70's Yamaha SA2000 (One of he best), Late 70's Yamaha SG2000 (Huge neck), Peavey Impact, Ernie Ball Silhouette Special (Another great one), Ibanez Blazer(Junk), Ibanez Roadstar 2 RS530(Excellent guitar lousy bridge), Ovation Legend 1869 (Wailin acoustic), 1970's Suzuki 12 string, Earl Slick SL50 Tele.

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