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Sound Quality

This 1991 Martin 000-16 is a rarity.  Do not confuse this guitar with the cheaper and later 16 Series Mortise Bolted NeckJoints from 1995 and on.   Just like other "Original 16-Series" NAMM Specials that Martin produced from 1986-1994, these guitars are harder to find.  Martin made them with advanced appointments found on higher end guitars and was testing the market to see if these designs and features would sell and hold up.  Forward shifted 1/4 inch scalloped bracing, Dovetail Neck Joint, Light Finish (mine is Satin), Pre-War Diamond Inlays, Brazilian Rosewood Bridge and Peghead, Solid Spruce Top Fine Grained with hints of silking and bearclaw,  Solid Mahogany Back and Sides.  1 piece Mahogany Neck with 1 and 11/32nd's string  spacing and Rosewood Fretboard.I can't even begin to describe the amazing sounds from this guitar.  I take it into Guitar Center just to show off what it can do.


Here is the one disadvantage of these Pre-1995 16-series.  Due to the lightness built in the bracing and the finish, you have to be a little more careful.  Mine is a player and banged around quite a bit.  It easily shows marks and scarring from arm wear,  hitting objects etc.  I keep mine in a case to help with moisture.  However, during winter months and with heating of home/buildings, I fight to keep it from not drying out.  The instrument is as light as a feather, and you can feel it.


In the Martin Forums, these Pre-95' 16-Series Martins are sometimes referred to as "Wolf in V-'s Clothing, due to the Vintage Build on these guitars.  To get a modern appointed Martin with these pre-war features would cost a lot.  I purchased mine used for $750.00.  A steal!!

General Comments

Take a look at these links:  Original "16 Series" Martin Forum...you will be amazed at the picshttps://umgf.com/the-original-club-16-pre-1995-style-16-owners-show-t91714.htmlThe Incredible Ledward Kaapana...my 000-16 looks just like this!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOBvV4VRCXI&index=4&list=PLUuz7DoKnenU4yKUfS72_wCBcbcb-Ox6K

Reviewer's Background

Band Director at Sunnyvale HS, Sunnyvale TX.  Have many instruments and love to get great deals on these older vintage Martins.I also have a 1991 D-16H Martin.  Another great 16 series that I have reviewed on Harmony Central.  

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