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DigiTech XMM Metal Master Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal

Sound Quality

Ok,firstly.. let's put it out there, that this pedal came out in 2002 or somewhere around then.Long before  Mooer or any IR impulse devices etc.It does exactly what it says... Metal.It really is a Master of Metal. No need for a gain dial here, it also cleans up a lot with your guitar volume dial as well. Is it the be all and end all of death heaven?No...but I would've been more than happy enough if i bought it back then in the early noughties.Now at the end of 2018.. and I have to mention that I bought it used, mint in its box, with all the paperwork, for under $15.And for bedroom use,its a killer pedal ... every cent of it.I'm confident it'll turn any shitty bedroom combo into a blazing ultra stack,without even without waking the neighbours if need be. I've used it with my 4x12 as well...deadly.in front of an amp or through the return as well.It'seal chug master for rhythm, and dialled right,can give a nice thick tone as well. The trick with this pedal is to keep the bass low,so rather use the amps bass dial instead, if you're lacking some.This way you get heaps more clarity in the staccato notes and fast chopping rhythms.It has a direct out as well,it's usable, but as with everything about this pedal , you'll need to play with all the dials and guitar tone knobs to dial it in correctly. But as I said,it passes the metal test good enough ,just by plugging in with every dial on it at 12 o'clock. 


It weighs a ton,it's lasted this long already... unless it gets dropped in a bucket of beer,she'll be right mate.But it eats batteries like I eat Ferrero Rocher choccies. 


5 stars for only $15,A used metal gem.I couldn't even buy a decent door stop for that nowdays. I would've been happy paying full price back then as well I think, as I never really liked the metal zone.

General Comments

I wouldn't use it live,that's the only draw back without the gain knob.On stage less is more.With batteries, it's quiet enough, all the complaints about noise must be shitty equipment, but with an adapter though, it hums quite a bit, but if I wanted to use an adapter, I'd rather use my Mooer 001  Gas Station pedal.So now I need to think whether it's worth putting in a new battery in every 3rd day of light jamming or just using my other stompboxes, I mean... variety is a man's best friend nowdays, especially in this day and age of musical technology. But... if the worst comes to the worst ... I'll just remove my 15 buck door stopper,slam the door shut and strum some cannibal corpse and annoy the neighbours if need be... all without having to adjust any gain knobs...this is what you call... Plug and Play 

Reviewer's Background

Ageing metalhead, relegated to bedroom duties now

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