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Sound Quality

It sounds like a B3.  It feels like a B3.  It is a fraction of the weight of a B3


Until a year ago, I was hauling a Hammond A102 and a Leslie 860 around.  I broke various bits of both in my efforts to get it up narrow stairs and onto high stages.  I then bought a Hammond XK-1 and a Neo Ventilator.  Absolutely no problems with reliability or sound,  On our band CD, it is virtually impossible to tell where I changed from the Beast to the XK-1.  The A now resides in my music room and will never leave.


Excellent value.

General Comments

My back has now completely healed!  Hoorah for the XK-1 and the Neo Ventilator.  Unbeatable!

Reviewer's Background

Played music in public for well over 50 years.  A retired airline pilot, I did a spell with Hammond as a demonstrator so I am fairly familiar with the breed.  Musical tastes range from 60s to 80s with the exception of boy bands, rap and bubblegum stuff.  Also like classical and occasionally get coerced into playing in our local church.

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