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Sound Quality

The basic voices like 62 ,tubular bells ,are high quality but using the digital synthesizer sound editing on the voices super sounds can be obtained. 


working since 1989 to today 2018, that's not bad, that's great. I notice that this keyboard feels like a solid wedge shaped thing.


This is well worth 299.99 in my opinion but you can find one for about half that price for 149.00. It gives a load of fun for the money.

General Comments

Excellent sounds if the Digital synth programming is used and the basic voices are nice and high quality and fun to put in its 5 tracks to play a recording sounding like a band. 

Reviewer's Background

I have been playing electronic keyboard since 1996 and this is my favorite find.I Jam with my bass playing brother, Duke. We used this keyboard for that for years.

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