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Sound Quality

This aspect is always my primary concern when it comes to guitars, and I'm pleased with the sonic capabilities of this guitar. It's all mahogany with a very spare finish, and resonates wonderfully. It's extremely easy to get amp feedback for your creative bent (feedback suits me nicely). To the best of what I can gather the pickups are both Burstbuckers; pretty even sounding. I suggest care when positioning the bridge pickup; mine arrived with quite  a high action, and in adjusting it I noticed significant "string pull" if set too close to the strings.


This is without a doubt the lightest weight guitar I have ever held, and this adds to it's resonance. Nevertheless it seems solid. The hardware is plain and functional. The electronics are firm and quiet, though the pickup switch is sort of loose/floppy feeling. I've yet to tear into it, but I suspect it's one of Gibson's leaf-style switches, whose reliability I've always questioned. The output jack feels like a decent quality part. I've had it for a few days, and have practiced with the band on it, and felt it could do it's job. I bought this used online from Guitar Center. Based on picture and description I felt I had a decent idea of what I was getting. What I did not know or expect was that the guitar was equipped with the Tronical/Robot tuning system. This was a surprise, and adds value to the guitar (for certain folks), but I didn't expect to have to school myself on the subject of tuning my new guitar. All I can say is thank God for the internet. I was soon tuning and saving my own presets like a champ. The Robot is a nifty gadget, but I wonder about the tech's longevity compared to the expected lifespan of an electric guitar (hint: the are a lot of really OLD electric guitars). Fortunately the restoration to standard tuners is simple, so not a deal breaker.


I feel like I got quite a bargain on this guitar. With shipping and tax it cost me $555 and change (i have therefore named it "The Triple Nickle") It came in a new universal gigbag and included a strap and a charger for the Robot.If I found another at this price I'd go for it.

General Comments

This model seems to be somewhat scarce; I really can't learn a great deal about it. It seems to me a blend of old and new. The thin light body, and slightly chunky neck, the finish all harken to the past. The 24 fret fingerboard and the Robot Uprising occuring behind the headstock certainly point to the future. Whatever. It's pretty, it sounds good, and i like it, so that's that. It is not perfect; no instrument is, but you play it, you get a feel for it, and the two of you live happily ever after.

Reviewer's Background

Oh my. Okay, well....I'm 61 years old, so out of warranty. I started playing when I was 11, so you can do your own math. I have literally owned and parted with scores of guitars and amps in my lifetime. I began with an Alamo tube combo and a Japanese-made Kingston solid body with one pickup. By high school I had a '65 Gibson Firebird III (non-reverse, 3-P90's) and a Gibson Atlas amp that I used for guitar. The Atlas is a bass amp, but it sounded good to me. Along the way there was a Supro Thunderbolt that came from an Arkansas pawn shop that I payed $50 for. It was also a bass amp, so apparently the logic of using it for guitar is apparent to some ears.I'm at the point in life where I can actually have more than one instrument at a time; for a really long time if I wanted to play bass and had a guitar I would have to trade the guitar, or trade the bass for a synth. or some other such nonsense. Oddly it seems that most of what I've had has turned out to be rare and wonderfully weird, like the Supro from the pawnshop. I had no idea it was going to be valuable. That stupid Firebird that I bought NEW for $400 is now worth thousands. Meh. Live and learn, What a long stange musical trip it's been. Oh yeah...a quick tip for pawn shop crawlers: Towns with old pawn shops that are near military bases are literal treasure troves. Lot's and lots of odd stuff brought back from overseas, lots of stuff that was "bought stupid" and had to be liqudated. etc. It's changed a lot since the Interweb, but it's still an awesome junky adventure. Cheers.

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