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Sound Quality

The electronics are high quality and the sustain/resonance of the guitar is as good as any I own, and I own many. 


The guitar is well made. I would not hesitate to use it on any gig. The craftsmanship and engineering are superb.


The guitar is priced very fairly.  If anything, it is a steal at the price that it sells for.

General Comments

This guitar is perfect for airline travel, or any travel, or using it on gigs at home. I have owned several travel guitars (backpacker, EG-1, Chiquita, to name a few). I sold each of the previous travel guitars because they are shaped and feel like toy guitars. And, none of them sounded like the Stewart travel guitar. One more thing, the guitar looks beautiful. The attention to detail and quality control is obvious.

Reviewer's Background

I have been playing guitar and doing gigs for over 40 years. I own numerous guitars and I can say without hesitation that the Stewart Stow Away guitar sounds and plays as good as many of my Fenders and Gibsons. 

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