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Sound Quality

Simply the best guitar amp ever made. The different tones you can get by using the master volume and volume settings range from sweet clean to nasty dirty. The reverb & tremolo are just beautiful. I've been playing for 40 years and nothing touches this amp. I have a 1994 limited edition cream Fender Blues Deluxe, a fantastic amp but it's always my second choice. 


I've had this amp for 30 years now and I've had to repair it twice. Once for dry wiring and once (alas) I had to replace the original speakers (which were F*****g amazing), couldn't find another pair of those so I went with a couple of Celestion 75W. Still sounds great & still going strong.....I have to admit, I feel sorry for players with Twin Reverbs, The MM 210-65 is on another level.


I put a five because it's just such a fantastic amp but the truth is...I got mine for free from a postman in London. Well, not exactly free...I swapped it for one of those horrible grey Fender Telecasters with the Strat pickups and locking nut nonsense that I got for free from a band I played with back in the 80's.

General Comments

My 210-65 has had the pre-amp tube swapped for a transistor (a typical upgrade for these amps that actually improves the sound. I was offered 600 pounds for it 20 years ago....I said 'no way man, this baby is mine'.

Reviewer's Background

Been playing for 40 years doing everything from Rockabilly, Blues, Vintage Rhythm & Blues, Ska, Reggae & everything in between. Never owned or played through an amp that comes close and probably never will.

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