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Rivera Amplification TBR-5 Power Amp

Sound Quality

In my 20 years of playing I have never heard a better sounding tube power amp. I’m using it with a AXE FX II and I can’t imagine getting a better tone from the it with anything else. Clean tones give goosebumps! It’s just so clear and musical. I still need to really push it but it makes me so happy So far, I had to write a review. I don’t ever write reviews but There was so little reviews of this amp. I wanted to help anyone thinking about buying it. STOP THINKING pull the trigger!!! I have tried Carvin, Peavey, Mesa and VHT power amps. The Rivera has more clean headroom than any of them. It is the best stereo, rack, tube amp ever made IMO. I was very close to buying the VHT 2/90/2 but decided to roll the dice and buy the TBR-5 without ever hearing one. I’m so glad I did. Don’t get me wrong the VHT’s are super awesome amps too but if tone is your only concern the Rivera wins.


Built like a tank! There is nothing better.


I got mine on eBay for $900 plus $100 shipping but I think you can still get them NOS direct from Rivera for $1,400 if you call them. Worth every penny IMO. 

General Comments

Do yourself a favor and get one! You will want a rack with wheels because that beautiful tone comes in the heaviest of packages. Seriously this is one heavy amp. Not for people with weak backs lol

Reviewer's Background

20+ years of playing, recording, performing etc. I know a good thing when I hear it 👏

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