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Sound Quality

I have an old one from 2009; the model with the chunky white knobs at the top, made by Devi herself, so I was led to believe. The pedal is great for Dinosaur Jr-esque grungy noises and general shoegazey fuzz sounds. I play it through a Gibson ES-335, into a vintage early 60s Selmer Thunderbird Twin 30. Left footswitch is labelled "bypass" and I believe pressing it engages the Torns Peaker side of the circuit. There is tons of volume here and I bet you could easily blow your speakers, so tread cautiously in the first instance. You can dial in as much or as little fuzz as you want, to go from boost/mild overdrive to very scuzzy indeed. Then, hit the right button labelled "(more fuzz)" and this activates the other side of the circuit which I believe is called the Soda Meiser; and it does exactly that, ripping the sound up and adding an almost synth-y ultra-scuzz to the proceedings. It takes the dirt and filth to a whole new level you wouldn't believe existed. There are two controls per side of the pedal, essentially a volume and fuzz control for each of the fuzzes. The newer ones have the added flexibility of being able to use the Soda Meiser side independently of the Torns Peaker side of the pedal, whereas the old version like mine will only let you engage the Soda Meiser once you have the Torns Peaker on. It basically layers the Soda Meiser on top of the Torns Peaker, but you can't have it on its own :(It sounds like hell itself, in a lo-fi stylee.


Only owned it for a week, but the enclosure looks bomb proof. The control knobs have a nice dampened smooth movement to them. Looked after, it should hopefully outlast your playing career. Holding back on a five star rating as the knobs and buttons are just flat on the top of the enclosure, like Electro Harmonix pedals. They're good, but Boss pedals are my benchmark for five stars because of their great big switch, size, and the ways the controls are sunken in the enclosure; so this has got to be a four. 


Mine cost £102 second hand, and it is in "as new" condition. It looks like it has had an easy life in a studio thus far, so it represents great value to me. 

General Comments

I was originally looking for a replacement for my Mesa Boogie V-Twin dual pedal, which I decided to sell after owning it for 22 years. It had a nice, but very conventional-sounding, un-filthy overdrive/distortion which didn't suit the music I played. I think I only kept it so long out of habit. The Shoegazer is much closer to what I want and the music I like; 60s garage, psychedelic, left-field, indie-rock and shoegazing. 

Reviewer's Background

Ian Brown would call me an "amateur". Just a guy who's been in lots of local bands playing original stuff, usually to other bands on the same bill, plus about 7 paying punters.

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