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Sound Quality

I love the bridge pickup on this guitar. It's a Crunchy Pat. The neck pickup was very good, but I replaced it with a Slugbucker from Roadhouse Pickups and now it sounds BEYOND AMAZING! I only gave this part of the review four-and-a-half stars because I chose to replace the neck pickup I'm fanatical about tone. Most guitarists would have been very pleased with the stock pickup, but I'm a perfectionist. As it is now, the guitar deserves more than five stars for its awesome, Les Paul tone. I've owned five Gibson Les Pauls and two Epiphones and this one, with the Roadhouse in the neck, exceeds them all for sound. 


Built like a tank. What's not to love! I paid a little bit more than $200 for this guitar and it's great. There were some neck buzz issues, but my luthier took care of them for me. I got the green color and it looks awesome with its huge whammy bar and incredible styling. 


After adding a new neck pickup and having my luthier tweak the action to get top performance out of this guitar with no fret buzz, I am tickled pink with this baby! For less than $400 total, I have a guitar that sounds better than a $4,000 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Better sounds at 1/10th the price easily qualifies for five stars in my book. Plus, I have heard of guys who bought a Xaviere right out of the box and have had no issues with theirs at all. I guess it's the luck of the draw. Hopefully, the manufacturer will address the quality control issues that some of us have had with fret buzz. Still, no complaints from me! When I show up and plug in, my friends are all amazed. This is one awesome Les Paul!!!

General Comments

After my luthier solved the fret buzz issue, he commented on how very well made this little green Xaviere is. I couldn't agree more. When I plug in the amp (an EL-34-equipped Marshall and Trainwreck hybrid from Phaez amps), I get the best Les Paul roar I've ever heard in my life. I love this thing! 

Reviewer's Background

I've been playing guitar for more than 30 years and have owned 20 or 30 guitars. I've had Fenders, Gibsons, Ibanezes, Epiphones, and an Eastman jazzbox. This guitar is one of my very favorites. I play it almost every day and am completely satisfied with it in every way. AWESOME guitar!!!

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