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Sound Quality

Using a 6505+/1960A, the tone is absolutely unmistakable with the DV8. Absolute distortion. The tone is THICK, rich with harmonics and the midrange is NOT honky, it's just about perfect on this guitar. Leads have a great deal of snap/attack in comparison to the Super 3/JB/Duncan Distortion/Custom Custom/and X2N pickups that were previously on this guitar. Tuned to C, this guitar becomes a HEAVY, TIGHT, METAL monster. I don't dick around with jazz, blues, and pop. I play aggressive, exotic, premium metal. I have a couple other effects, but they don't make any difference in tone, so why bother listing them? I'm sure all you Fender snobs are blowing your nose at me, thinking I should drop this metal nonsense and get onto the real players like Larry Carlton and SRV and whoever else can kiss my ass. So I went ahead and dropped this "pup" (stupid term) in an American Strat signed by the king of wanking, Allan Holdsworth, that I lit on fire a week after the signing. In combination with a Strat, alder body, the tone is NOT what I'm looking for. Don't bother with the Telecaster sized Distortion. It doesn't sound great, the combination doesn't work. And Telecasters are for morons.



General Comments

I plan on buying more for each of my ESPs. I don't think there could be a better pickup for metal. No scooped mids over here, you wine-sniffing midlife-crisis jazz/blues farts need to get it out of your heads that all metal musicians like scooped mids.


No, I'm not still searching for "that" sound. Tell me, do YOU have a disposable income? I'm sure if it's just a hobby I'd have plenty of money to spend on new amps instead of upgrading the electronics on my guitar.


But I'd rather spend my time rocking the world with my Dimarzio Distortion pickups. And kicking holes in Fender amp speakers. And throwing Telecasters signed by SRV off of tall buildings.

Reviewer's Background

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