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Sound Quality

I know superb is often overused, but fits for this guitar. Somewhere between a Ric and Gretsch with filtertrons (comes with TV Jones classics.. yum yum). Semi hollow with Ric type F hole, Bigsby, graphtech, tonepros roller bridge... all high quality parts where they count.  Jake Kelly does nice review so can see and hear.  Will this youtube post? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj3bcJM77rM I have yet to hear better sounding guitar if you want Filtertrons. I don't play metal, so no idea how would work for that.


Top shelf parts and flawless build quality. Should last longer than I do. I figure any mods would be a downgrade, not upgrade.


I got it for $600 new from great guys at Northwest Guitars. Since it blows away anything else in similar category for under $2500 I'd say amazing value for the money. Very nice MOP inlays on neck.

General Comments

I would prefer 2 vol, 2 tone knobs, but can't have everything. Lovely red sparkle finish. F holes not bound. Great job on frets and neck binding. Grover tuners.    I put some Gretsch knobs on, thought chicken heads not up to rest of level in quality/appearance (Figure okay because it is clone of Gretsch Spectrasonic). I know lots of people think Cort only can do mass produced middling guitars, but this is no middling guitar. Don't be put off by brand.  It is terrific in all areas.  If you happen upon one of these (I really had to search to find one), I think playing for a few minutes will make a believer out of you. I bought mine without playing (I live in Thailand now and usually pick something up on yearly returns home).

Reviewer's Background

Been playing since around 1965, lots of guitars been held in my paws.

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