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Sound Quality

Very good. Does what a 7-band EQ is supposed to do, plus it adds an active level control, so it can be used as a booster pedal. You have to be subtle with the fader controls because the dynamic range of each band is full (-15 to +15) and the physical range of the faders is about an inch total. A small adjustment produces a real tone change. The pedal adds no sound of its own and doesn't hiss unless the level fader is pegged, which you'd never have to do anyway.


Had it about ten years, s/n TU43699. I've never had it break down or come apart. Fairly heavy-duty, but not more than any decent brand name pedal could claim to be. It's a Taiwanese factory punch-out product, mfr'd by the zillion. 9V battery life is a few months with a couple of hours' use per week.


For a hundred bucks it is just about fair.

General Comments

I like it. I was looking for a no-frills in-line EQ pedal, which is exactly what this is. No surprises with its controls or performance. I bought it to condition the signal from my Taylor dreadnought acoustic, which doesn't have its own volume or EQ controls, into a standard tube combo set ultra-clean. The foot switch is momentary, i.e., fully electronic, not mechanical, so there is no noise when it is engaged or disengaged. When used as a booster pedal for your electric it does not add any drive of its own, but with the level nudged up it can push your amp to break up when you want it to. It can be run as a front-line stomp box or in the FX loop, depending upon where you want the conditioning added. It does much the same job as a $250 rack-size EQ and it fits right into your gig bag.

Reviewer's Background

I have been a professional singer, guitarist, and bassist for 35 years.

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