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SX Callisto Jr (LP Jr / Special)

Sound Quality

Shockingly good.  I expected to replace the pickups but after using it for sometime now I don't know what I would replace them with.  The P90 pickups hum running as singles but very quiet humbucking in middle position.


Very solid.  All mahogany fixed neck, decent tuners.  Pots work well.  Stays in tune.   These sold for 160 or so and its crazy just how fun this guitar is.  Never had an lp jr or p90 guitar before but I play and own lots of different guitars.  The only think I did to it (and most other budget guitars) was lower the nut.  Nothing fancy just pop it out or buy a $5 replacement and sand the bottom of it until the action at the first fret is the same as the action at the 2nd fret with the first fret capoed.  Do not file the string slots lower.  Its way more work and much trickier and usually the wrong way to do it.


 Just compare it to  a mystery wood, bolt on neck, ugly paint epiphone for $90 to $130 then you tell me.  Actually Epiphone could spend $5 more and give you a guitar this nice for around 100 bucks too but then it would totally undercut the $800 gibson jr and in many ways this Sx does that.  

General Comments

Great guitar.  Rondo and SX is a great place to get decent low budget guitars with great bone structure.  This one is solid  mahogany and my SX strat and tele have flame maple necks and beautiful grained ash bodies.  The fret jobs are very good to excellent. The intonation is good once you lower the nut and the pickups, electronics and tuners are nice to great.  And the finish on the great wood is beautiful.

Reviewer's Background

Maybe not the most picky guitarist but I play a lot and have many different guitars including USA Gibson and Fender and honestly speaking each guitar is an individual and many cheaper electric guitars have more soul or playability than some very expensive ones.  Even then the $100 difference can be caught up with the cost of just a setup, nut or preferred pickups.

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