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Sound Quality

This mandolin is remarkably loud unplugged and very good sound when played through my Roland amp.


Perhaps I'm unlucky but after a number of years reliable playing my D string saddle (each string pair has its own saddle) broke and remains broken - more of which in general comments.


That depends how rich you are - at 750 sterling it's not  a toy and up until now I would have said - Good Value - but the stars are getting fewer by the week!

General Comments

This is a good mandolin - it plays well but the early instruments are hard to set up having a fixed bridge and bolt on neck. The clever pickup system is great  - BUT just pray nothing goes wrong with your A8 because Godin are proving very, very difficult to deal with - 12 weeks and counting - having to work through a distributer as the company don't want to know. Thank goodness the Crafter still works.

Reviewer's Background

30 years ceilidh band - bass, mandolin guitar - small group work, teaching etc etcEven more years building mainly mandos and general repair work.

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