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Sound Quality

Superb. TV Jones pickups: how could expect anything less? Semi hollow, gives sound somewhere between Ric and Gretsch. Responsive, nuanced, but still has clarity even when you push it with overdrive or whatever. Tonepros roller bridge graphite nut and Bigsby. Never go out of tune from using the bar. Grover tuners are my favorites. Just one class guitar top to bottom. Check out some vids on youtube for sound, especially Jake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj3bcJM77rM doing his review so can see hear this fine guitar. I take 1/2 star off because would have preferred 2 vol and 2 tone knobs.


Should be fine. All top grade parts. Tonepros, Graphtech, Grover, Bigsby, The body and neck which Cort made are flawless. Perfect frets, no drips etc.  Oh yes, the salt air/humidity/heat of living at Thai beach not made a single pit in the hardware, which is very very unusual.


Basically a Spectrasonic at fraction of price, and they don't make anymore anyway. I'd like to get another just in case someone steals this. Thanks to guys at Northwest Guitars giving me super deal. Comparison of 59 Gretsch, recent model and some boutique builder. More than holds it's own. Being semi not as resonant, but for $1000's+ less, what the hey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2nr_8ppsLg

General Comments

I know people get bit frothy at times in reviews, but this guitar actually is fantastic (tho a bit heavier than what I would like, as I am old man and pack it 20 minute hikes with small amp). Cork sniffers turned off by Cort name (the fools). If could put in blind test this would get picked over others as often as not, as long as at least other's thou more.  I had a 59 Gretsch double anni for 34 years, so think I know the sound a bit of those sorts.

Reviewer's Background

Been playing long time (started in 65): some day I might even get good at it. Did lay off for 20 years... Like to jam, but nothing formal. Love clean sound, rockabilly drenched stuff. Have 14 guitars (limited space!). Likes of 1999 Guild Starfire IV, Ovation VXT, Reverend 6 gun, blah blah.

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