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Sound Quality

I'm not very good at describing things that are subjective in nature - but here goes.Clean channel - modeled after a Fender circuit for sure. when dimed - you still can't get it to overdrive.  Tone controls are very responsive and sculpt the sound well.  Can get a very dark warm tone, or bright and chimey clean depending on the settings. Drive channel -  like a JCM800 and an Orange had a baby.  not tons of gain, but certainly enough to make great classic rock and roll. Takes pedals very well. Also likes to be driven with a boost.  Amp has 'shoulders' even at lower volumes.  As with most Marshall'esque amps, treble and presence need to be dialed back. Once that's done - tone is warm and brown with very sweet overtones.  While i was initially impressed when i first plugged in and played it - it wasn't until I took it to the gig with the full band that I really heard it shine.  It cuts the mix with the right amount of sonic width to fill in between the bass and vocals.  Very warm and pleasing to the ear.  It also projects very well. There seems to be some magical low-mid frequency that pushes it out front without being overwhelmingly loud.


Only had it a couple weeks. Taken it to a couple gigs. So far - so good. Power and Standby switches don't seem as 'meaty' as the ones on some of my other amps - but it's not like you're banging on them all night.  Should hold up fine.  Tolex covering looks a bit thin and perhaps prone to tearing.  I've heard of folks just peeling it off down to the bare wood because the Birch looks very nice underneath. If this thing holds up over time, then I'd give it a 5 star rating - but for now - the jury's still out.


For the money - you simply can't beat it.  I was told that the tubes may need to be changed out - but i'm not touching a thing just yet. Amp sounds terrific as-is. It is now my main gig unit (still carry a spare though). So I'll be sure to report back later on how it's doing.

General Comments

I am duly impressed with something like this coming out of China.  Fit and finish seem on-par for Chinese products - but the tone is pure British.

Reviewer's Background

Semi-pro. Have 2 cover bands and an original band, as well as being a studio owner/engineer.  Been playing 35 years. own vintage Marshalls, Fenders, Oranges, Boogies etc.

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