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Sound Quality

This amp has been my go to studio amp for 10 years . Now it and my 1965 Princeton Reverb have become my live amps in stereo. This is a Tweed MIA Pro Junior never the noise problem other have had. And it has the Blue speaker in it.


Only had a problem with the input jack still have the original tubes but I do have backups.


I payed $80 for it . Incredible deal the same as my PR.

General Comments

The newer one I tried with the fender gold & brown speaker are Ok but not the same as this one I guess I just got Lucky.

Reviewer's Background

Own about 10 amps but this is just so portable and sounds great. This and the PR have taken the place of a  Fuchs ODS or JMP 50 watt Marshall and a 4x12 Marshall cab. I been looking for another but as back up. See my other reviews for more info.

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