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Sound Quality

Distortion guitar amp effects in particular are wicked, in most cases much better than I could get using a live amp short of apending $$$$$$$ on a shit load of classic amps. Clean guitar sounds are okay, I actually record all clean sounds through one of the microphone effects (the 4th one). I think I have noticed some decay of sound, which sounds kind of digitised, thaty was once only, a live cymbal sound seemed to kidn of decay slightly. COuld be a minor glitch while recording I dunno



General Comments

Put it this way - we are recording our first record on it! I have maybe used it for 100's of hours, imagine paying a studio for all that! Our producer is Ryan Monga who is the male half of Ardijah, a successful act here in NZ. He loves the damn thing, and he's recorded 5 albums himself, usually in top of the line studios! In fact, check out www.sweetecho.co.nz for some half finsihed demo's recorded on this puppy. Feedback appreciated! Okay, I paid about $1200 NZ for it, how many hours in a studio would that provide? Don't pay 4 a top of the line studio, buy this thing instead!

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