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martin randle

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra Workstation

Sound Quality

Mostly awesome at least a 10 in fact bar the following point I'll give it 11... BUT I am going to drop a couple of points here because of a stupid oversight. In Western music the French horn is never played with vibrato. You hear vibrato in any of the film soundtracks you hear? no! In fact the only time you really hear horns with vibrato is in a brass band. Unfortunately the opposite is true in East European music. And all the horns have been recorded with vibrato. It is impossible to remove and totally screws up one of the most important sounds I need to use for soundtrack work! Thanks IK for not giving us the choice! I suggest you get some Western Horn players in and redo the section as a free upgrade!



General Comments

Yes it is well worth the money. There is nothing remotely similar on the market. I was looking at various expensive and inadequate orchestral libraries when I stumbled across an advert for this. A trip to the website convinced me the outlay was well worth it. will be using it hopefully for many years to come. As long as the USB dongle holds out!



Reviewer's Background

I play keyboards guitars drums etc. Studied music at Huddersfield Uni. I got the Miroslav for use in soundtrack recordings.

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