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Jonny R

epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

We play a bloozy rock ala Buckcherry, Silvertide. I use ES-335's, Washburn HB-35's, Strats with Humbuckers in the bridge, a Tele and 2 LP's with burstbuckers in one and JB's in the other. Effects are, in order, CRY BABY, TS-808 (original), TS-9, Keeley modded BOSS BLUES DRIVER, Boss MEGA DISTORTION, LITTLE ALIGATOR volume pedal, BOSS Delay... then to a Radial Amp Splitter then to the amps. They are noiseless and absolutely LOVE effects pedals. Absolutely great for our Music and for any style but metal really.


Again, I have them on the road. 4 of them, 2 for use live, 2 for back up. I use them in conjunction with a Carvin V3 (which is also backed up). They all have Avatar 2-12 cabs loaded with one Celestion v-30 and one G-12-30. SOUNDS AMAZING. Very think and bluesy.

General Comments

Been playing for 15 years. I own numerous strats, LP's, ES-335's, HB-35's, Tele's, ES-145's, and PRS's. Ampwise I have Fender Twins, Twin Reverbs, vibrolux and Supersonic; Music Man HD-130's; Carvin XB1000's, V3's, and MTS's; Marshall JTM-45's, JCM 800 & 900's, JCM 2000's; Dr. Z Mazerati and Prescription ES; Divided by 13; And THD Univalve. Avatar, Marshall, Bogner and Divided by 13 cab's. I would def buy it again if stolen. I love it period. Simplicity is key. Too many knobs, too much indecisiveness over tone. I hate nothing about it. I just wish it had power amp out, slave in jacks. Thats all.

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