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Sound Quality

Still undetermined about the sound. I'll try to test it out this week and update this post. I'll run it through a PA and try to connect it to my midi stuff as well.


I have a home studio/junkpile where I play my instruments. This has been fun until it went out. It kacked on me and displayed japanese symbols before going dark. I found an ART web site and they talked about replacing the battery inside the unit. Unscrew the four screws - two on each side. Lift off the top. There's a motherboard and a second board on top. The battery is in between. Unplug the two cables on the corner. Use needle-nose pliers to gently squeeze the white plastic post so you can lift the secondary board and then I used a knife blade to carefully pop the battery out. The number on the top is the one you want. It's a BR2325, although it may be a CR2325 now. I got one at Radio Shack for about $4.50. Anyway, pop the new battery in, push the board down onto the posts, reconnect the cables - careful not to bend out the pins, and put the top back on. If there is a piece of cellophane on the inside of the top, it goes over the power transformer where the cord is. Tighten up the screws and you're ready to go. Do the reset and you should be OK. I am trying to find a user manual. Anyone know where I can find even a copy? Good luck, Shoe

General Comments

I am looking forward to mashing this into my rig - there is already a yamaha RX17, a GR-1, some keyboards and a bunch of guitars, drums and mikes. I also am in a band called the Nervewrackers.

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