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Sound Quality

The quality of the sound is excellent, like I said, you can get almost any sound out of it that you can imagine, if you know what you're doing. You can set the effects to any desired preference, so what you need is always there. This thing replaces so many other useless pedals!


I don't get it...I would have given it a 10, because it's NEVER shut down on me or given me any problems whatsoever! I bought it brand new and there hasn't been anything wrong with it EVER. I hesitate though, because I've just read all the horror stories about this thing...it better not shut down on me anytime soon.

General Comments

I love this thing! It gives you tons of options for your money. Just don't use a Crybaby wah with it...the sound just plain sucks when you do that. Go buy it, or the RP6..

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