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Sound Quality

This beauty sounds great. Make sure that you demo it on a clean power amp. The store that I went to punched it through a dirty Soldano, and the processor tones sounded awful. When I dropped it onto a power amp, I loved the tone that I got. The distortion is very good.


Haven't had it long enough to judge.....

General Comments

I would definately buy it again.....However, next time I'll shop around I could have bought it mail order for $130.00 cheaper. I love the warm tones that I pull out of this box...and have only begun to discover the flexibility of the product. The pitch shifter is great. I was looking at the ART SGX2000, but I'm glad that I bought this instead the ART had thin distortion, and a lot of unusable patches. I chose this one because of the quality and tone that it delivers. The only thing that I don't like about the product is that its tuner isn't very precise, and doesn't give the actual frequency or centime offset.

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