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Sound Quality

Use Strats mainly with a few other specimens like a locally made Frying Vee,plugged into a modded Laney GH100 effects loop,not really noisy with a bit of balancing of INs and OUTs,the effects sound smoothest in the loop with it switched to series-parallel to keep that tube warmth,I also use it with other amps as well to similar effect.I like lots of rock blues and metal sounds.Got no complaints,sounds better than me ART racks I have which are newer.


Yep its dependable and always use it without backups,why complicate things more!


General Comments

Play a Rock type thing mainly,this is a good unit which finally replaced a DSP which I wish I still had also. Been playing twenty years or more,if it got ripped off I would keep eyes peeled for another which is unlikely in this corner of the universe.I love it for the fact it takes no thought from this mind.I`ve compared it to heaps of other units but it does what I need!It does help make music and can transform even a shitty amp into something to listen for.One final remark is that I`ve heard pig ignorant Drummers get interesting things happening with this rack and that is saying something!!!

Reviewer's Background

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