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Rodney G

Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I am primarily using a Jackson superstrat... 24 fret, flame maple cap over swampash body, Floyd & Duncans ('59 in the neck, Quarterpound in the middle and a Screamin'Demon in the bridge - wired through a StewMac Megaswitch)and a Fender /Ibanez Heartfield with Dimarzios (HS3 in neck, HS2 middle, PAF clone in bridge). Runs straight to a Peavey Classic 50/50 with EL84s and out to two ADA 2x12 cabs loaded with Vintage 30s. One cab has a vintage setting which is engaged. The sound quality of this unit is very good. The HUSH works extremely well, better in fact than the HUSH on the Intellifex that I had been using with my previous preamp. Much quiter, and less compressed voice overall. The cleans are quite good for an amp that runs this much gain... it's a little weird that you can get that much twang out of an amp that produces as much distortion as this one does. On my rig, the highs were a little aggressive, but I've been able to tweak a bit, and now it cuts without being so over the top. Very good reverb, echo and chorus. I don't miss the Intellifex at all, which I was a bit surprising. Having a built in solid-state distortion and fuzz, along with tube distortion without having to go to pedals is wonderful. The variac function is also pretty nifty. Nice for saturating the signal earlier. The distortion can range from a Randall-style "bees in a bucket" chainsaw tone to very subtle warm tones. Very resonsive to the volume and tone controls. It's never so compressed that turning the volume down has no effect.


Very reliable... I think Rocktron has a well-earned reputation for building their stuff to be able to take a direct hit by a warhead. this is no exception. Obviously I don't recommend that you pitch your rack ove the side of a building to see, but in a decent rack, i think it'll be just fine.

General Comments

Classical/ neoclassical/ metal


I've been playing for about 15 years.


I've own or have owned an Intellifex, and ADA MP2, Peavey Clasic 50/50, Peavey Triumph, Epiphone Valve Jr. I play with a friend that uses a Mesa Triaxis/ Mesa 20/20 rig, and often use that as a point of comparison.


I would definitely seek to replace this if stolen. I snagged mine cheap on eBay, and would go straight back to looking.


I love the versatility... anyone who says they can't get a decent tone out of this simply isn't capable of tweaking it, or hasn't tried. The tones are in there.


I compared this to the Utopia pedals, a Triaxis, and a Prophesy. Pound for pound, and dollar for dollar, this thing kicks butt.


I wish it had a tuner... that seems to be the one obviously missing feature.


the variety of sounds inspires me. It's great to just noodle around with. It's great to just pull up a preset and just see what you can get going with it. It has something like 128 of them, so you can cover a lot of ground.


Tremendous versatility and quality for the money.

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