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Sound Quality

Different application here: I was looking for something to add a little drive to my low-budget Radio Shack keyboard signal on it's way to a Leslie 145. Now after you finish laughing derisively, go check out the Hammond patches on a Radio shack keyboard for yourself and seeif it's not the best $40 keyboard investment there is for live performance in a dirty, loud rock-n-roll / blues band. But I digress. I just wanted to call up an overdriven sound sometimes since the Leslie combo preamp doesn't real drive. Saw it for $25 at a pawn shop and went for it. Works just fine: I rolled all the way off on the gain, but still got a pretty pleasing driven tone to my Leslie sound. Other reviews are right, though: It's hard to get much top end out of this dude. Fortunately that's compatible with the driven sound I'm looking for, but I might get frustrated trying to dial this in on a guitar.


I'm not a big fan of DOD pedals in general. The faint light and funky, plastic-y switches make me nervous. But it hasn't been a problem to date. The world won't stop turning if I have to go clean in a gig, so I don't bother with a back-up.

General Comments

Hey, it works for me and was cheap. I did an A/B comparison with my old TS-10 and actually liked this sound better for my organ-Leslie combo, which is good since no way do I want to replace my TS-10 on the songs where I have guitar parts (the TS-10 is a GREAT grinding signal boost for single-coils, gang.) But for my purposes and the money the Classic Tube is bang-on. By the way: Kudos to Gino below for the phrase "alternative posers." I know exactly the kind of punk he's talking about. Anybody else playing around with cheapo keyboards in front of a big Leslie? There's no way I'm hauling my cherry A-100 to gigs, and I can't afford to buy and chop another Hammond console. . .

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