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Sound Quality

I play alot of metal/hard rock, through a Marshall G50R combo, and a Hughes&Kettner Warp 7. I was expecting alot more than what I got. I couldn't tell that much difference from the stock humbucker that I replaced. I use a Rocktron Booster and a Digitech Grunge pedal, and with the booster it sounds good, but without it, it doesn't seem to have any punch at all. It has a good clean sound, but without a boost pedal, it has no balls.


General Comments

I've been playing for about 10 years, I own a Warwick bass and a Fender Fat Strat. I think if I had to replace it, I would buy an EMG or something with some balls. I guess it depends on what style you play and what sound you are going for, but for me, it just isn't heavy enough. I have yet to try it through a tube amp, maybe that is what you have to do to get heavy from this humbucker.

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