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Dr. No-v9Ukd

crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This amp sounds terrible. I really don't understand the reviewers who say it has a "British" voice, suggesting it sounds like a Marshall. Maybe it sounds like one of those cheap solid-state Marshalls. I was hoping it had some clean headroom, as I bought it to run my Vox Tonelab LE into it. No dice. I've read where many people do mods on these amps to improve the sound, but I really haven't been motivated to do that. I must say the "distortion" this thing produces is in fact brutal, but certainly not in a good way. It sounds like the distortion on a solid-state amp from the the early eighties. Yuck. The amp can certainly get loud for its 18 watts, but so what? I've played Strats and Les Pauls and Washburns through it, and it still sounds very harsh to my ears.


Probably reliable, but I'm not gonna find out for a few years. It went back in the box after about an hour of playing through it, and its currently in storage. Maybe I'll get around to doing a few of the mods people have done, like maybe a tube swap, but I'm really not into putting another $150 worth of upgrades to end up with a slightly better than mediocre amp. I can respect the fact that alot of guitar players are also gear heads that like putting time into modifying their amps. I just wanna play. I thought I'd get lucky and get a good sounding clean tube amp for cheap... but I didn't. I'm gonna go with no opinion on this one.

General Comments

34 years playing electric guitars. I would not buy this amp again. I bought it because it was so incredibly cheap for a tube amp and I thought it would have a usable clean sound to it. Perhaps at some time in the future I'll put some new tubes in. I bought a $98.00

amp to run my LE through. A 30 watt solid-state amp which is just about as loud as the V18 with a lot of clean headroom. It works very well in tandem with the Vox.

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