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Sound Quality

there's a lot of misinformation about the JMP1 on this page. more than one person has implied that the valves/tubes are only used for the clean channels. let's get one thing straight - that is completely wrong. i spent quite a while swapping tubes in and out, and i can assure you that all four channels use the tubes. there are two little ECC83s in there. clean 1 uses one valve solely, OD2 the other solely. clean 2 and OD1 use a combination of the two. i am guessing that OD1 is pure valve clipping, whereas OD2 employs an element of semiconductor clipping. people turn up their noses at that, but wake up and smell the coffee - it's about the only way to get those high-gain, modern sounds. mesa's have switchable rectifiers (valve/semi) after all. i'll tell you what else - the speaker emulated outputs on this unit are fantastic. sounds great straight to disk/tape. i AB'ed them and i swear it sounds a lot better than the line6 POD approximation.


this thing is built like a tank. very impressive. inspires complete confidence.

General Comments

the JMP1 goes for about 200 GBP on the 2nd hand market. for this money i'd say it was a steal. i use it in the studio and straight to desk when we play live, coupled with a decent reverb/chorus (i'd recommend the JFX1) i can get a wall of sound out of this thing. wide and fat. lovely. absolute bargain. and totally flexible.

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