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Sound Quality

The silencer is great - no problems with noise. The effects are generally good, the first factory setting is a great lead setting. The twelve string setting I found pretty weak - clever though. Nothing like a real twelve string. The pedal steel and other pitch bending settings, which are used in conjunction with a swell pedal, are also very clever, but musically difficult to use - trying to pitch using a foot pedal is *very* difficult. More wahwah patches would have been nice, I know I can program my own but - see below!


Along with others on this list, I've had a reliability problem. I took the unit into the office to show someone and it crashed. The display cycled round showing 500/19 and powering off and on would reset it but not fix it. I had to cold start it to get it back working. Obviously, this loses all the user patches making it unusable for live work except if all the patches are the factory presets - the cold start takes a couple of seconds. If I regularly gigged - which I don't - I'd be swearing at the suppliers to try and get a fix. It *looks* rugged - another reason I chose it over others in its price range. It has a metal case, however I noticed when I got it home that the plasting nuts holding the jack sockets were all loose.

General Comments

If I was *convinced* the crash problem had been solved, (eg a new software release with notes saying that the specific bug had been fixed) I'd buy it again.

I like the ease of use and the sound quality is pretty good IMHO. I replaced an old style multi effects (ie standard analogue effects) and this is a lot better.

I did compare it with the Korg G3 which I found harder to use - I couldn't easily choose different sounds. And it had a plastic case so didn't seem so rugged.

There are two things I wish it could do:

There is a cabinet simulator built in, but thats set on a per effect basis. So if, like me, you use it sometimes into an amp, sometimes into a mixer, you have to individually set/clear cabinet simulation for each effect you want to use.

A global switch for cabinet simulation would be *much* better.

The second thing is for the attached pedal is used for pitch bend or wah wah, and volume for all the other effects. It would be really nice if the pedal controlled the phase rate/vibrato depth/chorus depth etc for different patches - this might be possible, I havn't used the editor much.

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