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Snarling Dogs Blue Doo Tube Emulator

Sound Quality

Listen up! THIS IS A BLUES OD/DISTORTION PEDAL. IT'S PURPOSE IS FOR BLUES, NOT METAL!!! Don't get me started on this. This pedal gives an awesome warm overdrive sound. I guess you can get someone elses sound, but aren't you supposed to find your own? I have gotten SRV sounds out of it. I have a Jackson PS-4 and it sounds great with this pedal. It is also good with a Strat. The warmth is unbelievable. No muddiness whatsoever. It can be a great boost for your tube amp too. It pushes my tube amp to the edge. You can get a decent distortion sound. It can get noisy at high volumes, however, it is a distortion pedal.


This thing is a big tank. You can kick and beat this thing to death and it still works. I would definately gig without a backup.

General Comments

If you like blues go get this pedal. If you like metal, don't buy a blues pedal and expect it to give you a metal sound! Warm, durable and versatile. What else could you ask for with a pedal in this price range?

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