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Sound Quality

This thing is all about noise. It is probably the Holy Grail of Noise Rock equipment. I'm not really a Noise Rock enthusiast, but I do like to experiment on occasion. I play in a Progressive Hard Rock band with a twist of Metal. You probably couldn't use this pedal all of the time......but, I like to use it to end a song or even a set. Just go berzerk and play off the wall crazy shiate. My setup goes a little something like this...Jackson PS-4> Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive> (sometimes)Buzz Box because it is a tone hog> into Marshall VS102R. Pedals are always subject to change in my setup. This pedal sounds completely and utterly shitty. But it is supposed to, so as far as that goes, it should get a 1 for the bad sound and a 10 because it is made to sound like crap and does it very well.


I would and have use it without a backup. But as you know, with DOD you have to kind of baby them in order for them to last.

General Comments

I got this thing a couple weeks ago at a nearby music store. It had been sitting in the case since it came out. It is NOS. As you know, these pedals are no longer made. They have become quite collectible. I bought it with the intention of selling it to make some money, but while testing it out, I discovered some sounds that I loved. So it became part of my setup for occasional lunacy. If you can find them anywhere, buy it. If nothing else, hold onto it for a while and sell it and make yourself a little extra cash. I would buy another one if I saw it somewhere.

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